Conference Abstracts & Presentations


Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Conference

  1. Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on grief and bereavement in BC: a province-wide current state analysis. Presenters: Joshua Black, Kathleen Yue and Anica Butters  
  2. Promoting Engagement of People Living with Dementia and Family/Friend Caregivers in Advance Care Planning through Community-led Programs. Presenters: Kathy Sheng and Myrna Norman (Patient Partner) 
  3. From Scarcity to Abundancy: Volunteers as link between Compassionate Communities and Health Human Resource. Presenters: Tina Lowery and Melody Jobse  
  4. From quiet conversations to a booming ECHO: the story of building connection and practice support for isolated care providers.  Presenters: Kathleen Yue, Mary Coleman (Canuck Place), Marney Thompson (Victoria Hospice)  
  5. Creating online learning that won’t put learners to sleep. Presenters: Kathleen Yue and Katie Green (UBC medical student)  
  6. “We’re not a hindrance; we’re an enhancement”: Community organization perspectives on barriers and facilitators to Advance Care Planning in BC. Presenters: Ellie Siden (UBC Medical Student) and Eman Hassan  
  7. Adapting and translating an Advance Care Planning public education model for Chinese and South Asian Communities - Experiences and Recommendations from a provincial initiative in BC. Presenters: Eman Hassan and Rachel Carter  
  8. Evaluation of culturally and linguistically adapted Advance Care Planning sessions for Chinese and South Asian Communities in BC. Presenters: Eman Hassan and Pam Martin  
  9. Supporting clinicians to adopt a culturally considerate approach to Advance Care Planning conversations with patients. Presenters: Eman Hassan and Rachel Carter  
  10. Current state, challenges, and successes of compassionate communities in British Columbia. Presenters: Jasper Yoo (UBC Medical Student) and Eman Hassan  
  11. Pan-Canadian Compassionate Communities Evaluation Framework and Toolkit – Supporting evaluation from the bottom-up. Presenters: Eman Hassan, Bonnie Tompkins (Pallium Canada) and Julie Darnay (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario) 

Quality Forum 

Publications from Research Sponsored by BC Centre for Palliative Care:

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Cook, K. & Bergeron, K. (2019). Using Group Concept Mapping to engage a hard-to-reach population in research: Young adults with life-limiting conditions. International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

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