Palliative Competency Framework

The framework was developed to identify ideal competencies for health-care providers (HCPs) caring for people with life-limiting conditions. HCPs include generalist, enhanced practice and specialists.

Some competencies are shared by all HCPs (core competencies), and some are discipline-specific. Much of the framework was adapted with permission from the Irish Palliative Care Competency Framework and The Nova Scotia Palliative Care Competency Framework.

Please contact Kathleen Yue, Director of Strategic Initiatives, with questions, or to request permissions to copyright this material: 


Inter-professional COVID – Palliative Core Competencies Self-Assessment tool for Generalist-ALL nurses, NPs, physicians, social workers, counsellors and health care assistants. This self-assessment tool includes links to suggested resources for each competency. You can download this fillable pdf to complete the self-assessment or print. This resource document sorts the same resources by topic. If you have any questions about the resources please contact Kathleen Yue:

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