Palliative Care Outcomes Project (2022-2024)

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About the Project

The Quality Outcomes Project, led by the BC Centre for Palliative Care, aims to develop evidence-based recommendations for measuring palliative care outcomes that reflect the experiences of people with life-limiting illness and their families in British Columbia.

The recommendations will be developed through a consensus-building approach, integrating inputs from palliative care clinicians and people living with life-limiting illness, or their families. This collaborative approach will be facilitated through a series of online surveys and focus groups.

Project Team

Eman Hassan, Project Sponsor & Project Director
Della Roberts, Project Manager
Carolyn Tayler, Project Advisor
Kathleen Yue, Expert Advisor
Rick Sawatzky, Expert Advisor
Pam Martin, Evaluation Lead
Rachel Carter, Director of Research
Simon Anderson, Research Coordinator
Monika Ludwig, Research Assistant
Lesley Johnston, Admin Assistant

Expected Outcomes

The project will produce a document outlining evidence-based recommendations for person and family outcomes in palliative care. These recommendations will serve as a guide for BC health authorities and agencies, facilitating consistency in the measurement and reporting of palliative care outcomes across the province.


  • March/April 2024: Invitations sent to potential participants.
  • Spring – Fall 2024: Surveys and focus group(s) conducted.
  • Winter 2024: Final report with recommendations created.


The project seeks participation from palliative care professionals, including physicians, nurses, and many others as shown in the graph below.
Additionally, participants will include individuals with previous or current personal experience living with a life-limiting illness or caring for a family member with a life-limiting illness.

We are accepting expressions of interest from individuals who are part of the groups shown in the chart (right) , as well as people with experience living with a life-limiting illness or caring for a family member with life-limiting illness.

To express interest in joining this project or ask any questions, please email Simon Anderson at


Participants will engage in a series of online surveys, with each survey taking up to approx. 1 hour to complete, including reviewing background material. Surveys will be sent by email, and panel members will have 2 weeks to respond.

In addition to the surveys, participants who have lived experience will also take part in at least one 90-minute virtual focus group following the first survey. These group discussions will focus on the most important palliative care outcomes for patients and their families. The focus group findings will inform the formulation of the second survey questions. Additional focus groups may be scheduled later in the process if needed.

Interested in joining the project?

If you are interested in joining the project as a participant, please contact Simon Anderson at

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