ACP Day 2022

Life happens… Be ready. Your health can change in an instant.

Talking about what matters most to you when it comes to

health care is more important than ever.

Get started: Resources for individuals and families

My Wishes, My Care Advance Care Planning Information Booklet

Ideas to Start Your Campaign

Interested in hosting an Advance Care Planning information session but not sure where to start? We can connect you to a partner organization. Contact Melody Jobse.

… and add the Conversation Starter to your regular emails or newsletter to help your readers start talking.

Personal stories are powerful. Collect and share personal stories of people in your community who have experienced the value of advance care planning.

Tools for Community Organizations

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Tools for Pharmacies to promote ACP Day

Key messages for ACP Day 2022

        Advance care planning is part of life planning

        Who would speak for you if you could not speak for yourself?

        Your health can change in an instant, so start conversations now
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