Advance Care Planning Day 2023

If you couldn’t speak for yourself in a medical emergency, who do you trust to make healthcare decisions for you?

Join us!

Whether you are a community organization, business, faith-based group, neighborhood centre, hospice, disease support service, retirement community, healthcare provider, health authority, community leader…….

Let’s work together to help raise awareness and understanding about the importance of planning for personal future healthcare wishes.


It’s easy!

Create an ACP Day 2023 awareness campaign in your community… Scroll down for campaign ideas and an easy-to-use campaign toolkit to jump start your campaign.

Ideas to Raise Awareness

Harness the power of social media!

Simply use the social media tiles in the Campaign Toolkit during March and April. Remember to add your organization’s contact information, and use the hashtags #ACPDay2023#ACPinBC.

Engage your local media

Share the media release in the Campaign Toolkit with local print and online news agencies, and community blogs.

Personal stories are powerful

Feel free to share any of the personal stories included in the Campaign Toolkit. You can also create and share a 2–3 minute video about the difference that advance care planning made in someone’s life.


Host a public session

Share with your participants any of these easy-to-understand resources:  Quick summary    Information booklet  and   Checklist

Promote ACP online

Feature the Campaign Toolkit‘s messages and digital resources in your organization newsletter and website.

checklist icon

Start your own advance care planning

Let us help you get started – Download this checklist.

Campaign Toolkit

The Campaign Toolkit is available for you to use as-is, or you can customize it to suit your needs.

The key messages, posters and social media tiles are available in: English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Simplified Chinese.

Key messages are to be used with “If not you, who?” tagline and “Learn more about advance care planning at ACPDay2023″ call to action.  Remember to add hashtags! #ACPDay2023 and #ACPinBC  

Key messages

 ACP in BC Fact Sheet

Check out our selection of videos here, including some in Hindi and Punjabi.

  Check out our New Advance Care Planning site for other helpful resources

  Need more information? Can’t find what you are looking for?
Contact us!

The Campaign’s Toolkit was adapted for the culturally diverse population in British Columbia from the National ACP Day Campaign by  ACP in Canada | PPS au Canada

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