Advance Care Planning Videos

Looking for more information and inspiration? Check out these videos:

(Watch 1st) Joe’s story WITHOUT Essential Conversations (ENGLISH) (3:27)

(Watch 2nd) Joe’s story WITH Essential Conversations about his health (ENGLISH) (2:48)

(Watch 3rd) Peter’s story WITHOUT Essential Conversations (ENGLISH) (2:32)

(Watch 4th) Peter’s story WITH Essential Conversations with Healthcare Providers (ENGLISH) (2:26)

ACP is for Everyone (ENGLISH) (2:38)

ACP is for Everyone (PUNJABI) (2:45)

ACP is for Everyone (HINDI) (2:48)

It’s as easy as … Think, Talk, Plan (ENGLISH) (4:26)

It’s as easy as … Think, Talk, Plan (PUNJABI) (4:55)

A family’s conversation about values, wishes, and substitute decision making. (from ‘This Is Us’ TV series) (4:49)

Advance care planning conversations (from (4:25)

Love is not enough (from Advance Care Planning Australia) (3:47)

Walter Gretzky: SpeakUp about Advance Care Planning (from (1:39)

ACP in the news

Interview on Global TV with Melody Jobse, BCCPC’s Community Engagement Lead, for Advance Care Planning Day 2024. (5:19)

Interview with Social Worker Sarb Basra, who shares the importance of ACP both as a daughter, a family caregiver and as a healthcare professional. (20:48) (PUNJABI)

Interview with Jas Cheema on Omni TV. (5:24) (PUNJABI)

Melody Jobse and Jas Cheema speak about the importance of ACP. (PRINT)

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