Patio Ponderings with Kath & Mish

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Summer 2020 Series: Patio Ponderings with Kath & Mish

A series of online meet-ups for BC’s health care assistants.

As a Care Aide, Home Support Worker, Community Health Worker or other similar role in the time of COVID, you’re doing incredible work in tough circumstances. Even with support from your leaders, you might still feel disconnected or that it’s hard to find a laugh when you need it.


Ask yourself:

  • Would you like to connect with colleagues from across BC?
  • Do you want to share stories and stresses in a safe environment?
  • Do you want to be inspired with education and strategies for coping in 2020?


If yes… then you are invited to join Patio Ponderings with Kath and Misha — an online gathering offered by the BC Centre for Palliative Care that offers you a safe environment to share your stories, stresses and triumphs… and there’s a fun contest for prizes!

Click here for information about the Patio Ponderings Challenge

***Please note: the Tuesday evening sessions Aug 11-Sept 1 have been cancelled due to low registration numbers. If you are able to join the Monday afternoon sessions please register via the links below. We will be sending out emails with a recording of the presentation and resources mentioned in the Monday sessions. Please contact us if you would like to be included in these emails:***

Summer 2020 – Social Connection in a Time of Physical Distancing


Social isolation is a health hazard! Consider ways to promote social connection while maintaining physical distancing.  We’ll share some strategies and want to hear yours! The “Summer 2020 Patio Ponderings Challenge” will be launched!

Monday, July 13, 2pm-3pm

Tuesday, July 14, 7pm-8pm

Summer 2020 – Dealing with Fear and Anxiety


We are bombarded with news, stories and statistics about the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn new ways to look at fear and to treat the pandemic as a challenge, not a threat. We all have stories we hear, stories we tell ourselves and stories we share… do they fill you with fear and stop you from moving forward, or sustain and support you?

Monday, July 20, 2pm-3pm

Tuesday, July 21, 7pm-8pm

Summer 2020 – Adapting Rituals of Grief and Growth


With COVID-19 restrictions, many of our rituals for loss and grief have been cancelled or postponed. What are rituals, why do we use them, and how can we create new rituals to help with healing during the pandemic? You are invited to bring a small piece of nature that speaks to you to the session.

Monday, August 10, 2pm-3pm

Cancelled – Tuesday, August 11, 7pm-8pm

Summer 2020 – Self- Reflection to Support Grief and Growth


COVID-19 has brought so many losses with no time to grieve and grow. Identify the different losses experienced during COVID-19, explore grief as a whole-person response to loss that’s individual to each person. We’ll explore self-reflection as one way to choose growth.

Monday, August 24, 2pm-3pm

Cancelled – Tuesday, August 25, 7pm-8pm

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