Flexing Your Core: the 30-minute Palliative Workout ECHO Sessions


Flexing Your Core: the 30-minute Palliative Workout ECHO Sessions


An ECHO series for all Health Care Providers! These introductory level sessions are for anyone working with people who are affected by serious illness incorporating the palliative approach to care into your daily practice in any clinical setting.


  • 30-minute interactive sessions are designed to be a vehicle for sharing your own experience, resourcefulness, and inventiveness in your work with patients across the care systems.
  • The sessions build upon eight (8) Learning Hub modules created by a team of experts in palliative care and adult education, alongside a focus group of health care providers varying in age, disciplines, and stages in career with little experience in palliative care. This education can be applied to patients of any age, at any point from diagnosis to bereavement, in all care settings.
  • Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete and are foundational learnings for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Social Workers, Counsellors, Allied Health, and students who are not familiar with palliative care and a palliative approach but provide direct care for people with life-limiting illness in any health care setting.
  • We encourage session attendees to complete the first module (Domain 1: Palliative approach) prior to attending a Flexing Your Core: the 30-minute Palliative workout ECHO session.  Each ECHO session, like the Learning Hub modules, is designed to optimize your learning in a short amount of time.
  • The virtual sessions aim to bring further context to the learning hub content and give attendees an opportunity to learn from others and discuss case studies together

Current and Upcoming Sessions

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