Breaking news: Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association launches in January 2021

Palliative care nursing in Canada has a new champion. Launching this month, the newly formed Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association (CPCNA) is dedicated to improving palliative care across Canada through nursing education, advocacy, collaborative partnerships and research.

Our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kathleen Yue, has served on the inaugural board with other leaders and educators in palliative care nursing from across Canada to establish the Association.

Membership is open to nurses of all designations, with either a specialization or interest in palliative care. And in the spirit of collaboration, associate memberships are welcome for non-nurses.

With the broad aim of better connecting palliative care nurses across Canada and broadening the platform for providing education on hospice and palliative care, the CPCNA will enhance palliative care:


As a member, you’ll have an unmatched opportunity for professional growth with exclusive CPCNA webinars, discounted conference rates, discounts on CNA certification exams and renewals, and support as you pursue certification and specialization.

As part of a national community of palliative care nurses, you’ll also help to promote access to quality palliative care to all Canadians. The association offers opportunities to make a valuable impact by helping to develop national standards and competencies and contributing to research. You’ll also be part of a movement to strengthen the competence and confidence of all nurses to integrate a palliative approach to care into their practice.

To receive notice when registration is live (any day now!), please email “YES” to:

Janice Nesbitt RN MN CHPCNC(C)

Director of Communications, CPCNA

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