Examples and stories

Letter from Mom

A simple example of a record of wishes written by a doctor as a letter to family.

CL’s wishes

The values, beliefs, and wishes of CL, a 55-year-old grandmother.

JK’s wishes

The values, beliefs, and wishes of JK, a 58-year-old RN who worked most of her 35-year nursing career in critical care/intensive care units.

Mr. Zhang’s wishes

Mr. Zhang, who is 65 and retired, is taking care of his parents at home. He made a record of his wishes based on his personal situation. Available in Traditional Chinese and English.

Living My Culture

At LivingMyCulture.ca, people from various cultures share their stories and wisdom about living with serious illness, advance care planning, end of life and grief to support others. Videos are available in various languages.

My Little Story with Mom

A Cantonese short film (16 mins, with Traditional Chinese and English subtitles). The mom has been diagnosed with cancer and could have only 3 months left. The daughter and her mom have different opinions about whether to take healthcare treatments and how to have a better life. It is a story of understanding and respecting each other in the family.

Sylvia’s Story

From Living Matters. 4 min video in English with Chinese subtitle. Sylvia recounts her experience when her mother was introduced to Advance Care Planning (ACP) through an ACP Facilitator and how the conversations brought the family closer.

Living Matters Advance Care Planning

From Living Matters, a 4 min video in English with Chinese subtitle. After witness a friend in emergency condition but without Advance Care Plan, a Chinese family start to make their Advance Care Plan.


A 4 min Cantonese video from Society for Life and Death Education. Doctors, patients’ caregivers and families share their health care wishes and preference.

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