Stories of the Heart – Resources and Supports for Educators & Leaders of BC Health Care Assistants

Stories of the Heart – Health Care Assistant Video Clip Catalogue

Stories of the Heart Film (13:11) is a compilation of clips showing HCAs sharing their COVID-19 experiences.

Below is a catalogue of the individual video clips for educators and leaders of health care assistants to share with their teams. The clips could be a resource at a staff meeting, educational workshop, team building exercise, etc.

The clips vary in length from 15 seconds to just over 1 minutes. We have organized the clips below by theme.

When you find the clips you want to use, please complete this form and you will be contacted shortly. If you would like more information, please contact Kathleen Yue:

 Son doesn’t understand

Young son has to wait for mom to clean up from work before he can hug her and he doesn’t understand why he can’t run to her right away like he used to

Clip length 1:05

Family stress

Family experiencing added stress because husband was laid off work

Clip length 0:35


New career path as HCA and personal added stress

Clip length 0:36

Stress at Work — (Long term care)

Changes to residents’ living situations and scheduling

Clip length 0:24

Fear of Catching COVID

How I work through the fear

Clip length 0:27

Mental health of residents

Seeing the declining mental health of residents has been tough

Clip length 0:28

PPE while caring for patients with dementia

Communication challenges with patients

Clip length 0:19

Phone Checks (Home care)

At one point we couldn’t see clients, we could only call them

Clip length 0:32

Family Stress

COVID has brought challenges at home with my kids

Clip length 0:29

Bringing COVID Back

Fear that I could bring back COVID to the reserve when I leave to get groceries

Clip length 0:24


COVID has been especially tough on our elders and they are so important to our community

Clip length 0:26


Lack of accessible technology in our community and so much being online now is difficult

Clip length 0:12


Nature as self-care

Clip length: 0:23

Bring Joy 

When we can see clients again it’s much better for them and us

Clip length: 0:20


Creating daily routine for self-care

Clip length: 0:16


Example of self-care and a restful place

Clip length: 0:25


My dog is the best therapy

Clip length: 0:15

Band Council

Following COVID protocols has been so helpful to our community

Clip length: 0:08

Healing Through Sharing Burdens

Hearing clients’ stories helps me heal too

Clip length: 0:19


Connecting online with other community workers

Clip length: 0:22

Meeting for Lunch

Meeting up with co-workers for lunch helps keep me from feeling so isolated

Clip length: 0:28

Leader Support

Our leaders have helpful ways to check in on how we are doing

Clip length: 0:34

Caring for Staff

Supportive staff looking out for each other

Clip length: 0:30

My Role in My Community (Indigenous community health worker)

I am a caregiver for everyone in our community, not just my clients

Clip length: 0:15

Gifts from the Public

Didn’t feel seen as an HCA but we got recognized today

Clip length: 0:38

Band in the Courtyard

Band plays for residents and it brightens everyone’s day

Clip length: 0:23

Add in Fun

Spontaneous ideas for fun at work

Clip length: 0:30

Work Feeds the Soul

I am reminded why I chose this career path

Clip length: 1:10


Being able to laugh at the small things helps to reduce stress

Clip length: 0:25

NEW Resource for Long Term Care (LTC)

This 2-page handout contains links and descriptions of BCCPC resources to support health care providers and leaders working in LTC during this time of COVID-19.

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