Training on the use of the Serious Illness Conversation Guide (SICG)​

NOTE: The SICG and all adaptations are intended to be used in practice only after participating in a training workshop. ​


From 2016 to 2022, the BC Centre for Palliative Care collaborated with numerous partner organizations to build capacity for training clinicians and academic learners in the use of the SICG. These efforts have successfully established a pool of facilitators who are now equipped to champion and lead the training within their own Health Authorities, Institutions, and regions across British Columbia. We express our gratitude to our partner organizations for their exceptional commitment in training their own facilitators and hosting workshops. ​

As of 2023, our focus has shifted towards the following areas:​

  • ​Ensuring that materials and resources are CPD-accredited, up-to-date, and based on evidence-informed practices.​
  • Facilitating continuing education and fostering collaboration among SICG facilitators and champions through the SIC-provincial collaborative and ECHO-SIC series.​
  • Continuing our commitment to quality improvement and conducting research to support the seamless integration of SICs into practice.​
  • Maintaining an updated contact list of trained facilitators and Health Authority leads.​
  • Collaborating with academic institutions to integrate SICG training into the curriculum, further strengthening the foundation for the use of SICGs in healthcare education.​

Please contact us at for further information on how to access SICG education in your area.

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