Gain Palliative Skills (GPS) Learning Pathway

A new source for free, self-directed and efficient learning – the Gain Palliative Skills (GPS) Learning Pathway.

If you identify as NEW to palliative care – this is for you. The GPS Learning Pathway contains learning resources curated by experts for the12 domains of Canadian Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Competency Framework.

Just like the GPS in your car, this pathway allows you to plot your own course, explore short, free, self-paced online palliative education. You can choose as much or as little as you want.

Best of all, the GPS Learning Pathway is designed to build on skills you already have to deepen your practice and increase your confidence when working with patients who have a life-limiting illness – and the skills you gain can transfer to any clinical environment.

12 domains of palliative care to explore

The GPS Learning Pathway allows learners to plot their own course and explore what most interests them.

We recommend beginning with the Foundations module, which includes a self-assessment of the national interdisciplinary palliative care competencies, and can help to guide the learner on what domains in the learning pathway they should explore.

What’s in it for you?

Users report that the learning pathway helped them to feel more confident interacting with patients who have life-limiting illnesses.

In addition, learners can print a certificate of completion after completing the self-selected relevant areas of the learning pathway to demonstrate continuous learning.

Most importantly, learners gain skills that can translate to any clinical environment, no matter where their career takes them.

Learners become more confident

Built on a solid foundation

The GPS Learning Pathway is the product of input by a panel of trusted palliative care experts and experts in clinical education who created a curated collection of resources tailor-made to address an unmet need.

GPS Learning Pathway then went through a process of pilot testing and improvements. Ultimately over 90% of our pilot users would recommend the Learning Pathway.


With thanks to the Pall Ed BC Advisory Council who identified a gap in BC’s education landscape and went to work to fill it – the GPS Learning Pathway is a valuable addition to BC health system.

Developed by experts; reviewed by users; pilot tested.

90% of pilot users would recommend.

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