ECHO Psychosocial Series Cohort 1

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Events for Health-Care Professionals

The team at BCCPC has gathered links to education events designed for Health Care Providers caring for people affected by life-limiting illness. The events are not created or endorsed by BCCPC unless stated in the description.

Introduction to ECHO – Session 1

  Presenter ECHO planning team (Kathleen Yue, Marney Thompson, Mary Coleman)  Competency Domain 7 –Professional and ethical practice When appropriate for role, engages in quality improvement, research and knowledge translation to advance practice of self and others; bringing a psychosocial perspective.  Participants will understand their current state of palliative competency by completing a self-assessment of their practice using […]


Session 2 – MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) 


Presenter: Tammy Dyson (MSW, RCSW, Leader, (MAiD) Fraser Health)  Competency – Domain 5 –Care planning and collaborative practice: Explores MAiD-related feelings, worries and hopes with people and their family.  Describe the context of MAiD including current legislation, Distinguish between Desire to Die statements and requests for MAiD, Identify areas for assessment with a request for MAiD, including the […]

Session 3 – EXTRA session – COVID support


Presenter - Wendy Wainwright & Kathleen Yue facilitated discussion  Competency - Supporting each other to address Domain 7 –Professional and ethical practice. If within role, provides education and support to enhance inter-professional team member’s resilience in partnership with organizational leadership.  Participants will be aware of available resources related to providing psychosocial care and maintaining self-care during COVID-19 […]

Session 4  – Trauma informed practice 


Presenter – Mary Coleman (MSW, RSW, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice)  Competency – Domain 4 –Comfort and quality of life. Adapts care to address person’s fears and anxieties related to past trauma.  Consider the connections between trauma informed practice and hospice palliative care, Learn a few key theories from trauma treatment that may apply in palliative settings, Understand how traumatic stress may present in […]

Session 5 Topic – Complicated Grief 

Competencies – Domain 6: Loss, grief and bereavement. Expert consultant regarding loss, grief and bereavement. Assesses complex grief reactions and situations, such as multiple loss, traumatic loss, and pre-existing vulnerabilities including mental illness and addiction, abuse and neglect.  Define and identify Complicated / Prolonged Grief and distinguish it from ‘normal’ grief, Understand the prevalence and psychosocial correlates of CG, Explore the theoretical orientations and basic interventions used in Complicated Grief Treatment(CGT)  

Session 6 Topic – Supporting Children Affected by Serious Illness

Competencies – Domain 5: Comfort and quality of life. Provides developmentally appropriate non-pharmacological interventions within own expertise appropriate including: art, play therapy, and relaxation for relief of distress. Refers to other resources as needed. Domain 6: Loss, grief and bereavement. Understands the characteristics and challenges of grieving for a child or youth. Provides counselling support or refers as appropriate.  Explore strategies to assist parents in sharing serious illness information with children, Discuss issues related to connection between the seriously ill person and a child, Review activities that may be helpful for children along the illness trajectory and at EOL 

Wrap-up session Topic – Final Wrap up session – Sharing of evaluation data, participants provided feedback and ideas for next ECHO 

Competency – Domain 7 –Professional and ethical practice -When appropriate for role, engages in quality improvement, research and knowledge translation to advance practice of self and others; bringing a psychosocial perspective. Understand outcomes of the ECHO pilot, Provide feedback on next ECHO program, Contribute to quality improvement and spread of innovation 

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