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Events for Health-Care Professionals

The team at BCCPC has gathered links to education events designed for Health Care Providers caring for people affected by life-limiting illness. The events are not created or endorsed by BCCPC unless stated in the description.

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Palliative Care Pharmacy


ONLINE HEALTH PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Developed in partnership between Victoria Hospice and Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria. Learners will acquire the specialized knowledge and skills to support patients and families as well as other members of the interprofessional team in providing palliative care. Topics include: The pharmacist’s role in a palliative care team […]


Flexing Your Core ECHO-Domain 6: Loss, Grief, and Bereavement (2024)

Session resources FYC Domain 6 2024.03.14 Session summary notes Following the Domain 6 module on Learning Hub, this session will address the assumption that loss, grief and bereavement are thought of as a "linear" experience. This session aims to help you identify that people experience grief differently and explore ways to support grief and loss […]

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