Education Resource Review

BC Centre for Palliative Care
Inter-professional palliative competency framework

Review of educational resources for  Nurses and Health Care Assistants – May 8, 2019

The original intent of this resource review was to assess the current state of education resources available in British Columbia to address palliative competencies for nurses and health care assistants (HCAs). Core and discipline-specific competencies have been described in the Inter-Professional Palliative Competency Framework (BC Centre for Palliative Care, 2018). These competencies outline recommended standards of practice for health care providers working in any B.C. care setting with people with life-limiting conditions.

The purpose of this current document is to share the results of the review with other Canadian provinces seeking to choose education resources for use with their competencies. It should be noted that there may be other Canadian resources available that this project did not review. Also, the review was based on the B.C. competencies, which are similar but not identical to those adopted in other provinces. This review includes resources intended for nursing and health care assistant audiences only.

The intent is not to endorse or recommend individual resources; rather, it is to provide objective information to assist with decision making when choosing palliative education resources.

A similar review will be done for physician and social worker / counsellor competencies. Details about the methods of data collection, assessment and analysis may be requested from:
Kathleen Yue, Clinical Lead, Education