Advance Care Planning Day 2018

National Advance Care Planning day is on April 16, 2018!

The theme for this year is My ACP Team. We encourage everyone to band together and promote Advance Care Planning Day here in British Columbia; there are many ways to do so, both big and small.

The information and resources on this page are intended to help you in promoting Advance Care Planning Day. For general information about Advance Care Planning please click here.

If you have any questions about Advance Care Planning Day, please contact Rachel Carter (ACP Project Manager,

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B.C. Toolkit for promoting ACP Day

We have developed and shared a toolkit to support you in promoting ACP Day in your community. Click here for the toolkit page for information and download links.

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Advance Care Planning Day Distribution List

We have an email distribution list that aims to support you in promoting Advance Care Planning Day. The emails will provide information, ideas, and ready-made materials/tools for you to use to promote and participate in Advance Care Planning Day. We hope these emails will allow us to conduct a provincial discussion about Advance Care Planning Day.

If you wish to be included in our Advance Care Planning Day distribution list, please email with the subject “Subscribe to ACP Day emails”.

The emails sent so far can be viewed here:

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Submit your events to our public events calendar

If you are running events for ACP Day, then we would love to list your event, along with a link to your website for people to get more information.

To submit events to be listed on our calendar, please see here for more information and instructions on how to send us your event information.

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Ideas for taking part in ACP day

There are lots of ways that you can take part in ACP Day, here are just a few ideas to get you started:

    • Add information about ACP day to your organization’s website, blog or social media.
      If you don’t know what to write, sample blog posts will be coming in the toolkits.
      In the meantime, why don’t you add a quick line somewhere on your site announcing the day? For example, Comox Valley Advance Care Planning have added a line at the top of the page and we have added information in the sidebar of the BCCPC website.


    • Host an ACP information session or engagement activity such as a conversation game.
      We know many of you are already hosting ACP promotion and education activities year-round, but how about hosting one on or near ACP Day?


    • Put up posters/flyers.
      There will be a poster in the National ACP Day toolkit, and we are also going to provide a template that will have space for you to add your local information.


    • Host an information booth in a local shopping mall, hospital or other community space.
      Did you know, many building management organisations will let you have a table for free if you’re a non-profit or charity?


    • Reach out to your local media (local paper, radio station, TV station)
      Local stories are much more likely to get picked up by local media than provincial ones! Reach out to your local media organisations to tell them what you’re doing and why. Make sure to contact them early, especially for local newspapers that are printed less often.


    • If you are part of a larger organisation, for example a Health Authority, connect with your communications department.
      Let them know about ACP Day, and any activities you are planning; they may be able to help share information internally and externally


    • Connect with local businesses to see if they would like to partner with you on an event.
      See the story below from Columbia Valley Hospice Society for an example.


Do you have any other ideas? If so, please share them with us by emailing so we can share them with others in future emails.

Tip: Many councils have calendars of community events, so if you’re planning any activities, check out whether there are calendars locally you can get your events listed in.

The Columbia Valley Hospice Society’s plans

In the lead up to ACP Day, during February and March, Columbia Valley Hospice Society are hosting 6 ‘Hello’ conversation games, meant to open the discussion on ACP and end of life. They will then kick off a week of ACP activities on April 15th with a ‘Give Back Sunday’ with a local pub; at this event 15% of the food sold will be donated back to the hospice society. There will be musical guests, and they will be launching their ACP week activities. Following this launch, they are hosting 5 ACP information sessions in different communities in their area.
Thank you, Maria, for sharing your plans with us!


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