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The BC Centre for Palliative Care is proud to share the story of our first five years. Through our network of partners, we influence changes that enable those affected by serious illness live a better quality of life through improved access to a palliative approach to care within the health system and supportive networks in the community they live in.

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New Project: Pan-Canadian Compassionate Community Evaluation Framework/Toolkit

Compassionate Community initiatives have shown promise in the United Kingdom and Europe, where evaluation has demonstrated significant successes but are only recently emerging in Canada and have not been rigorously evaluated here.

In 2018, Pallium Canada, BC Centre for Palliative Care and Hospice Palliative Care Ontario partnered together to create a ready to use evaluation toolkit for Compassionate Community initiatives and make this toolkit accessible to Compassionate Communities’ Champions throughout Canada. This partnership stimulated a dialogue between national and provincial organizations around pan-Canadian perspectives of what existing Compassionate Communities in the different jurisdictions look like, with the goal of reaching a consensus on a common definition and approach for evaluation of this important community work. The project’s design fosters networking and connections to accelerate sharing of knowledge and resources.

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