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How to Make a Control Work?

Individual and independent work are indispensable companions of students and all students.  This list includes not only voluminous works, like a graduation project or term paper, but also an abstract and a test.

Despite the fact that the test is defined as a type of independent research and analysis of specialized literature, many students prefer to order a test using write my papers and other companies. This is all because they are not ready to check and evaluate the acquired knowledge, they do not have enough free time to do the work or the necessary knowledge.

An interesting fact – the correct design of the work is half the success.  How to draw up a test is a question that haunts many students. Interestingly, the teacher will never rate the work with a high score if the form does not meet the set standards and content. That is why you should carefully monitor the competent design of the appearance of the work.

Control Design Guide

First sheet.  Mandatory items:

  • top: the name of the educational organization and the full name of the department;
  • in the center: the subject and the topic of the test;
  • at the bottom of the right corner: author, course, faculty, and also full name.

Content.  The components of this paragraph can be divided into the following parts: the preface, the central material of the work with possible calculations and analysis, conclusions, a list of references and additions to the work. The main part of the work should be divided into main sections, in which, in turn, special paragraphs are allocated according to the meaning. All this is displayed in the content with pagination.

Technical requirements for the text:  a single interval or an interval of one and a half units; 12 or 14 font, this parameter depends on the rules of the educational institution. A separate part begins with a title, which is accentuated by thick type; each page should be numbered; the work places links to the authors of famous phrases, the location of which is appropriate at the conclusion of the page or work.

List of literature.  In alphabetical order, the literature that was used during the preparation of the project is provided. Scientific papers and books are recorded in the following form: author, title, city and period of publication of the book. Periodicals in a similar form: the authorship and title of the article are noted, followed by the name of the periodical and the period of issue.

If you do not know how to draw up an examination correctly and at the proper level, we recommend that you contact specialists who will prepare the necessary project in a short time and with a quality guarantee.

Additions to work.  If additional applications were involved in the creation of the work, then they are drawn up separately, at the end of the work with a separate numbering and title. Schemes, tables, images, maps and statistics can serve as additions, while other documentation is allowed that fully reveals the topic of the work.

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