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ACP Day 2021 Toolkit



Your health can change in an instant. Talking about what matters
most to you when it comes to your wishes for health care is
more important now than ever.


It’s time to talk about Advance Care Planning. 




It’s time to talk. Resources to get you started.

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other organizations

Community Organization Toolkit

Whether your organization serves all of BC or your local community, the BC Centre for Palliative Care is here to help you raise awareness about the importance of Advance Care Planning.  

Here is a ready-to-go toolkit that’s easy to use. Choose and download the resources that work best for your organization. We’ve left space for you to customize, or you can use them as-is.


Ideas to Help Launch your Campaign

Start talking with people you know. Host an online conversation with friends or coworkers using the Conversation Starter to start talking about your wishes and values. Share our brochure or information booklet to keep the conversation going. 

Share social media messages about the importance of advance care planning through March and April. Be sure to add your organization’s contact information. 



Contact your local media (news desk or community calendar) to share information about advance care planning and your organization’s mission. 



Promote ACP Day on your website and add the Conversation Starter to your regular emails or newsletter to help you readers start talking.


Host an online Advance Care Planning Information SessionHaven’t hosted before? Consider partnering with another organization. We can help connect you. Contact Melody.


Ask for and share personal stories of people who have benefitted from having an advance care plan in place when a health care crisis happened.


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