ACP Reflection Prompts

(credit: ACP in Canada)

Choosing Your “Who”

Who do you trust to make healthcare decisions that respect your wishes?

This person can be a family member, friend, child, or a faith leader for example. And it doesn’t have to be just one person. What’s important is to choose one or multiple people you trust to make decisions that align with your wishes, even if they would want something else for themselves.

Would that person (or people) be comfortable making important decisions about your health quickly, or in an emergency?

Not everyone is comfortable in rapidly changing situations, or with making big decisions quickly. The person or people you choose should be comfortable in those types of situations and be able to advocate for your wishes with health care providers.

Have you spoken to them about what matters most in your life?

When someone knows what you value most in your life, they can make more informed decisions about your health care. For example, someone who values their independence most would probably make different care decisions than someone who most values spending quality time with their loved ones.


What Matters Most

What does a good day look like for you?

For example, a lazy day watching TV with my dog, enjoying dinner with my children, taking care of my garden, spending time with family and friends…

What situations do you find difficult?

For example, I find it difficult to disagree with people, I struggle with accepting help from others, I have a hard time adapting to change…

What gives you strength in difficult times?

For example, my family, listening to my favourite music, visits from my friends, spending time outdoors…

What spiritual, cultural or religious beliefs, practices, or ceremonies are important to you?

For example, going to mass every Sunday, Shabbat dinner with my children, Pipe ceremonies…

What do you value more: the possibility of a longer life, or the possibility of a better quality of life?

This can help guide the person or people you choose and allow them to prioritize what matters most to you when weighing your different care options.

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