Eman Hassan

Dr. Eman Hassan, MD, MPH

Executive Director

Dr. Eman Hassan is executive director of the BC Centre for Palliative Care and the lead for the Centre’s public health portfolio. She has more than 20 years of experience leading population health initiatives and program evaluation. In her white paper, The Public Health Approach to Palliative Care, she describes different public health palliative care models, including the Compassionate Communities model, and discusses international experiences in these frameworks.

Under Eman’s leadership, the Centre’s Compassionate Communities initiative and Advance Care Planning interventions received national recognition by both the Canadian Foundation for Health Improvement and the Canadian Frailty Network as innovations that should be spread nationally.

Eman is also an adjunct professor at the UBC Palliative Medicine Division. Her current research interests include the development, evaluation, and spread of innovative interventions and evidence-based collaborative approaches that aim to enhance access to palliative care and supports in all care settings.

In addition to her medical degree, Eman completed a Master of Public Health and a two-year CIHR-funded fellowship in health services research at the University of British Columbia.

Throughout her career, she received notable awards from academic and research institutions. The latest award she received is the 2021 Convening and Collaborating Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.


Recent publications 

  1. Hospice Care in British Columbia: A Current State Assessment (2019).
  2. Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward (2019). 
  3. Integration of a Palliative Approach to Care and the Role of Serious Illness Conversations in Advance Care Planning. (2018).
  4.  A Public Health Approach to Palliative Care: Principles, Models and International Perspectives. A White Paper (2015).


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