Who needs to know?

By Ariela Friedmann, Communications Manager, BC Centre for Palliative Care

Have you ever wondered who you should talk to about your wishes for your future health care – really asking yourself, who needs to know?

Answering these questions is known as Advance Care Planning (ACP) – a process that supports you and your family to prepare to make decisions about your future health care. It involves understanding and sharing your values, beliefs and wishes regarding health and personal care.

This information is used during conversations with health-care providers about the treatments and care you receive, to help you get the care that’s right for you.

Take Russ Cook’s story. (more…)

The gift that provided clarity during chaos

April 16 is national Advance Care Planning Day

The gift that provided clarity during chaos

Russ and Karen Cook

Russ. He’s 58. Strong. Fit. Healthy. An avid skier and road cyclist.

And then, just like every other Wednesday, Russ is at the Calgary airport waiting for his return flight to Vancouver.

And out of the blue – boom. He collapses. (more…)